Stern Pirates Proliferate

Listener reports from Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth, Minnesota suggest microradio stations there are simulcasting Howard Stern’s new radio show on the Sirius satellite network. Last week unlicensed outlets in New York and New Jersey broadcast highlights from Stern’s first week on Sirius.
Is there a meme in play here?
Part of me is heartened that people care enough about tits and farts to throw up an electronic middle finger to the FCC. Sirius cannot be happy that people are rebroadcasting a subscription-based service, but it is certainly not threatening to its bottom line (such as it is, hundreds of millions of dollars in the red – XM is similarly short of profitability).
This is not the first time a pirate has simulcast a satellite channel, either: sporadic stations have rebroadcast music channels from both XM and Sirius on occasion.