Stern Pirates Go Coast-to-Coast

Last month FM microbroadcasters in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Minnesota began rebroadcasting the subscription-only Howard Stern show from Sirius satellite radio. Sirius got so pissed that they fired off complaints to the FCC about the NY/NJ stations and threatened to sue any online-streamers into oblivion.
They couldn’t have been happy with the report this month that Pirate Cat Radio, a station well-known for wearing its defiance on its sleeve, began carrying Stern over San Francisco. Pirate Cat’s founder, Monkey Man, told a local tee-vee station that the show would go on unless Howard himself intervenes. As for the FCC: “They can come and talk, and if they’d like to I’ll fix a pot of coffee and have my wife make ’em some cookies.”
According to the audio track from the report that aired (1:56, 1.8 MB, thanks Ragnar), Stern’s personal news department called it another “case of thievery.”
Another Stern FM radio relay has been reported in Los Angeles; although Pirate Cat boasts a simulcast here, the frequency reported is different from the one PC advertises.