Social Forum Threatens its Broadcast Voice; Sounds of Shortwave Restored

The basic story is here, but this is the synopsis: the annual World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brasil is in full swing. The Forum had an “official” radio station broadcasting from the events, but that was apparently hijacked by NGOs, sucking the community right out of what was to be a community radio project. So a “people’s station” was established, with volunteers from all over the world donating gear and time to making it work. The official station’s burned out two transmitters – so “The Other Radio FM” happens to be the sole voice of the Forum.
Now it seems that the Brasilian government has a desperate weekend need for the very (small) premises the station is broadcasting from – which may lead to its forcible removal. That would be a shame in the midst of a meeting about how to make the world a better place. Violating Article 19 wasn’t on the agenda, although Lula’s regime does have a history of being unfriendly to free radio.
Thanks to the recent server upgrade there’s more storage and bandwidth to burn. Hence the ~950 megabyte four-volume Sounds of Shortwave archive is back online, content courtesy of Alex Draper‘s tenaciousness. While this particular archive is represents a snapshot in time, Alex refreshes his site with new recordings.