Scene Report: California

Multiple tidbits of interest…
Santa Cruz: Freak Radio successfully moved to its new location recently, completing the entire transition in about five hours. It sounds like it was well-rehearsed, although Skidmark Bob reports their online stream needs “a little work.”
Victorville: On March 31 the FCC issued a $20,000 Notice of Apparent Liability to Stanley Mayo for operating unlicensed transmitters on both the AM and FM bands. Mayo’s “KSRX” first began broadcasting in the summer of 2002 on 660 KHz but was also later heard on 91.3 MHz. Mayo received at least four visits from field agents out of Los Angeles, as well as two warning notices, over an 18-month span before the FCC moved for the dough.
Southern California: From the Usenet newsgroup, a claim that the “world’s first pirate HDTV broadcast” has been successfully accomplished.
On Wednesday, April 8th 2004…a broadcast was successfully completed with test patterns, some upconverted content and a native 1080i animation….Effective ERP was approximately 750 Watts…on an unused UHF channel. The transmission was received on local monitors and approximately 4.5 miles away.
Not sure if the HDTV broadcast architecture has proprietary components, like In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) digital radio does. The poster, “disposible200,” does note some of the gear had to be homebrewed. Broadcast digitization will happen whether we like it or not, and any tinkering in that direction is worthwhile.