Satellite Radio Network is Partially Pirate

Unlike earlier this year, when XM and Sirius admitted to selling souped-up in-car transceivers that operated beyond acceptable FCC power levels, XM Satellite Radio now reports that its terrestrial-based network of repeater-transmitters – designed to bolster its space-based coverage pattern, especially in urban areas – has not only been operating at excessive power, but on unauthorized frequencies.
As of yet neither XM nor Sirius have been penalized in any way by the FCC for their previous indiscretions. But it’s one thing to conspire with a third party transceiver-maker to juice the microwattage, and another to intentionally deploy a non-compliant chain of transmitters across the country.
Of the 800 repeater-sticks XM has deployed, more than one-quarter are overpowered, and another 19 have apparently been installed without any FCC permission at all. And they call us the pirates?