Refugee Radio at the Astrodome

Houston Indymedia and the Prometheus Radio Project have secured emergency support from the FCC to set up a 30-watt LPFM station to serve those currently housed in the Houston Astrodome. Now they just need 10,000 portable radios for everyone to hear them.
Contact with any assistance (radios and batteries, especially): Tish Stringer or Hannah Sassaman. Or support Houston IMC and/or Prometheus directly.
Norton Scooter’s already been there, collecting amazing stories as usual. From the New Orleans perspective: a man named Perry, who carried his wife on his back in neck-deep water, ruminates on the pointlessness of the almighty dollar. Two others express thanks and pledge to try and keep the place clean, as would one who is invited into another’s home. From the Houston perspective: a high school student and her aunt volunteer at Reliant Center, just holding babies and changing their diapers, giving moms a much-needed rest.
Community wireless activists are also mobilizing to try and knit the displaced back together.