Recent Audio Goodness

Earl from Philly punksters The Ray Gradys dropped a to let me know they’d recorded an updated version of their song, “Pirate Radio,” and sent along an MP3 to share.
Damn, they’ve gotten a lot tighter since 1999 and the 40 Hour Slave E.P., though I’m still kind of partial to the rawness of the earlier version. A recent sweep for dead/broken links has led to the restoration of all of the featured mp3s in the archive. Get ’em before the RIAA busts me (six years and counting!).
Updating the Schnazz this week brought the discovery of a quasi-humorous segment about Clear Channel done recently on Garrison Keillor’s NPR show A Prairie Home Companion (RealOne Player required). It’s a little vague, more fun-poking than critical, but a good listen nonetheless.
While Keillor doesn’t spark the magical love with me that thousands of other Midwesterners seem to experience when they hear him, the particular episode in which this bit aired is a good one.