Radio's Digital Dilemma: The Book

Routledge has made an offer to publish Radio’s Digital Dilemma: Broadcasting in the 21st Century. It’ll be in their Research in Media and Cultural Studies series and, with luck, will be out by the end of 2013.
The publisher’s editorial description:
Radio’s Digital Dilemma chronicles the development of digital radio broadcasting, which has been fraught with difficulty as evidenced by the fact that what we have come to understand as “radio” in the twentieth century still has no feasible digital broadcast component.
As we approach the centennial of radio broadcasting, with Internet-inspired media convergence well apace, the medium’s struggle raises previously unexplored questions about the future identity of radio itself. Its digital dilemma also stands as a parable about the dangerous prioritization of certain political and economic principles over scientific integrity in contemporary media policymaking.
This book closely interrogates the record of FCC deliberation and trade press coverage of the issue and reveals how the U.S. digital radio standard is not the outcome of thinking about the medium’s convergent future. Furthermore, Anderson addresses new audio distribution technologies born out of convergence that in turn complicate how broadcasting is defined. In essence, Anderson explores why the U.S. digital radio transition has stalled and may actually be regressing.
A warmed-over dissertation this will not be. A humongous amount of work is required to transform the blob of research I’ve got into a readable, useful monograph. The entire process has moved so quickly: less than a year ago, I was sitting in front of my committee defending this work. The manuscript is due to Routledge on June 1st of next year.
In related news, I’ve also accepted a faculty position in the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College, to begin this fall. In addition to teaching, I’ll also be the director of the department’s Broadcast Journalism program and will oversee the Summer Broadcast News Institute. One of my primary aspirations is to encourage tomorrow’s journalists to embrace a convergent media environment and the networked, collaborative practice of journalism that now flourishes among us.
As a Midwestern kid, just moving to NYC this summer will be an adventure, not to mention the stuff I’ll be doing there.