Radio Free Brattleboro Seeks Community License Referendum

Another petition drive has been launched by the station – this time in support of an effort to place the question of its legitimacy in front of the community itself.
The proposed referendum question reads:
Shall the voters of Brattleboro give to radio free brattleboro (rfb) authority to broadcast until such a time that a Low-Power FM license is issued to radio free brattleboro or to another non-profit, locally-based, community group which is prepared to offer to the Town of Brattleboro diverse, all-access, non-commercial, community radio?
rfb needs 450 signatures to make the balot in March; that should be no problem considering station volunteers collected thousands of signatures in an effort to demonstrate its “authority to broadcast” to the FCC.
I do believe rfb is the first microradio station to seek such an open and democratic official show of community support; many others have settled for resolutions passed by local government bodies. rfb tried that in November, but the chairman of the town Selectboard substituted a watered-down resolution far from the goal of an endorsement.