Radio Algiers Update

The station’s now regularly broadcasting from Common Ground on 88.7 FM. It has one main (75-watt) and one backup (40-watt) transmitter and is also reliably streaming online (direct links: mp3 / m3u). I had best luck listening by copying and pasting the stream links directly into player software.
The city’s power grid still has its flaky moments but otherwise it seems things are relatively stable now. I’ve heard interviews with people arrested in crazy-cop curfew sweeps, Slave Revolt Radio, and some excellent music. A recently-installed phone line will go a long way toward opening up the information flow.
Efforts are already underway to expand the microradio presence in the area. This may include seeking extraordinary permission to start a licensed LPFM station (current FCC rules don’t allow it in the city proper). There appears to be lots of interest in radio among the various forces massing to take their neighborhoods back before opportunistic gentrifiers get too far along.