Pretty Outside, Broken Inside

You may have noticed that this site is now on a bona-fide blog platform…about a dozen-plus years late to the party, but hey, it finally happened. However, the transition has been a trainwreck behind the scenes. While things are clean-looking, (somewhat) searchable, and dialogue-enabled, the design, configuration, and content-migration did not go remotely as I’d hoped.
For one thing, most internal links within posts are broken, which requires hand-code fixes. Not only just for links to other site-content, but also to links to locally-hosted media files (audio/video/pictures). With 1,000+ posts over 17+ years, it’s a mind-numbing task, but I hope to have it complete within the next week or two. (As of today, all posts from 2006-present have been fixed).
Not all content got ported, either—mostly feature-stories done back in the days when this site was part of a larger dot-com-but enough that it will also require some remedial effort.
While the vast majority of A/V content has been fully ported, the design of the new pages is rough. That said, the media collage and massive music archives are fully stocked and ready for eyes and ears.
Perhaps the largest casualty of this upgrade has been the Enforcement Action Database, our comprehensive tracker of FCC enforcement activity against unlicensed broadcasters. The site’s header link takes you to a colorful new page where you can browse yearly summaries of enforcement data, but there’s no comprehensive overview, nor did the yearly tables—which contain all pertinent info on every enforcement action—seem to make the move.
Fortunately, all old site-data lives on at – and the full Enforcement Action Database itself can be accessed here. I’ll be catching that up once all this other work gets finished, and it will live in /old/ for a while until I can figure out the best way to bloggify it.
Going through this process has been a serious trip down memory lane. I’m watching the site evolve backward in time, to many moments where I laugh or sigh…but if anything, I can say I’ve stayed true to myself over the years, and that counts for something. Here’s to 17-plus more.