Pirates Rebroadcast Howard Stern in NY, NJ

This week Howard Stern‘s empire evolved to a new level when he debuted his new program on the Sirius satellite radio network. Howard’s departure from the realm of terrestrial broadcasting caused much consternation. Fear not, for pirate radio is keeping Stern alive on the airwaves: the New York Daily News reports that two pirate stations aired uncensored segments of “Howard 100” on FM frequencies in Brooklyn, New York and the Newark/Secaucus, New Jersey area.
Several pirates operate throughout the NYC metroplex; the article quotes a commercial station‘s program director on the subject: “You’d like to catch them, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, they come and go.”
According to David Fiske of the FCC, “Pirate broadcasting is something we take very seriously, although the content per se would be of no concern to us in the case of Howard Stern, since the FCC does not regulate satellite radio.”
It appears that both stations were airing selected segments from Stern’s debut week, not simulcasting the show live. Nor is there any evidence to suggest the stations were linked.