Party Pirate Gets Broadside

On Friday, Tampa’s Party Pirate 102.1 received a double whammy from the FCC.
The day’s issue of the Federal Register included a terse announcement from the agency that Leslie “Doug” Brewer and his two-way radio business had been fined $10,000 for allegedly selling an “unauthorized FM radio transmitter” above the legal Part 15 power limit. According to the FCC, an undercover agent placed the order and made the purchase.
Also on March 3, Doug Brewer found out that a Federal court ruled in favor of the FCC in its seizure of two-way radio equipment stemming from the November 1997 raid of his station. The government gets to keep thousands of dollars worth of equipment not remotely related to FM piracy as “spoils” from their military-style raid on his home.
Doug’s been quite active lately – just a little more than three months ago, he put Tampa’s Party Pirate back on the air, this time using more than one transmitter.
He’s been filling orders for various equipment since he was cleaned out, slowly building back up his clientele. He’s felt the pressure from the FCC ever since first contact, but even these new events don’t seem to slow him down.
Doug Brewer’s official statement about this latest broadside from the FCC is a tirade against a corrupt, cumbersome system of power and government. He has some valid points. In light of the convoluted LPFM ruling it recently released, and the Congressional and legal attack currently ongoing, it seems just like anything may be possible. The wind seems to be blowing both ways.
In private, though, Brewer boils it all down to two words: “Nazi bastards.”
He’s already filed a formal reply to the fine, which he believes constitutes entrapment. He doesn’t have much hope of seeing it just go away, though.
For those who might have ordered from L.D. Brewer’s Two-Way Radio in the past, or have current orders pending, try not to sweat it. Doug says he burns all his orders once they’re filled and automatically deletes any e-mail correspondence. One can only hope you’re safe in the cyber age…
From the front lines, Doug has this message: “NOW is the time to take to the air. There will be no LPFM anyhow so piracy needs to escalate.”
It’s deja vu all over again. Let’s hope the agents knock politely this time around.
Brewer Speaks Out

The following is the complete, unedited text Doug Brewer sent to us about the FCC’s recent double-barreled broadside against himself, his business, and his station:

I guess I never wanted to write this message. As foolish as I am, a always assumed that because I lived in the U.S. of AmeriKa, I would be assured at least some of the constitutional guarantees, which include the right to a fair trial. However, on the 22nd of February, a Nazi Federal Court Judge in the Tampa area granted the FCC a ‘summary judgment’ against my equipment that was stolen in a pre-dawn home invasion, almost two years and six months ago. But the fact still remains, there is no equal protection, no right to trial, and certainly no justice. The FCC, operating as paid protection for the NAB member station that complained that we were confusing listeners, has ultimately won their spoils. It appears to most that (people) are innocent until proven guilty, but this is rarely the case. And, when the ‘people’ are merely the “claimants for the property” in the case of FCC raids, there is no question that the Government feels that they have the right to be police, judge, jury, and executioner. Yet, I believed that somehow, I would win the right to a fair trial before a jury of my peers. I was a FOOL. The rest is a matter of record.
People, PLEASE don’t be FOOLED !!
1. The FCC is appointed, and it’s sole function is to auction off the PEOPLE’S airwaves to the highest bidder. Never fall for the lie that the FCC has any consideration for the rights of any AmeriKan citizen, unless he’s the one paying lobby money from his corporation to the FCC through the liars loop in the Kongress. The FCC’s phony enforcement bureau acts outside the law, and uses coercion for political power to carry out it’s illegal operations. Their reign over the people and their airwaves will continue until they suffer collateral damages. The time is near. Don’t be a fool!
2. LPFM isn’t likely to ever come to fruition. The NAB is fighting tooth and nail to prevent the issuance of ANY licenses. Certain greedy people in the Government will be sure that licenses are not issued. If you really believe that the FCC had good intentions when issuing the order on LPFM, why do you suspect that they excluded regular citizens from licensing eligibility? Uncle Tom Kennard is lying to you, and it has been proven in the past that he will roll over for money. Don’t be a fool!
3. The FCC wants to make people believe that radio ‘pirates’ are criminals. Although much success has come through the exposure of ‘Pirate’ radio operations in the protected (liars) media, the intent of the FCC was never to allow the people to have a voice, and the so called LPFM service was simply a reaction to pressure exerted upon them by citizens that actually believed that the FCC was ‘doing a good thing ‘ by proposing the service. If you were one of the people who commented, or responded to comments that were issued in this proceeding, you were wasting your time. Even though the FCC ruled in favor of a new service, they promptly excluded former ‘pirates’ and for that matter, individual citizens from partaking of the new ‘service’. Kennard is a liar. The commissioners are liars. They are ALL on the take. Don’t be a fool!
4. The courts are part of the scam. If you believe that persons such as Lonnie Kobres should be convicted for operating unlicensed radio stations, and countless dozens of others should have their homes and businesses raided all for the sake of corporate protection, then you are morally defective! Unless your job depends upon the continued operation of a ‘licensed’ liars media outlet, you couldn’t possibly with a clear conscience condone the actions of the FCC and the Criminal Courts that carry out such atrocious actions against proactive citizens. But, if you work for one of these liars media concerns, you already know that your days are numbered. You will be forced out of the comfortable position you now hold to make way for the new, younger, and more powerful (ignorant) replacement, that eagerly awaits the opportunity to place the golden corporate phallus into his mouth. It’s not to late to leave your doom. Open your own business, and operate outside the corporate structure! Don’t be a fool!
It’s time now to take back what we already have. If you are expecting the FCC to issue (you) a license in the near future, don’t be a fool. Do what’s right. Get yourself a transmitter and go on the air. Express to your listeners the fact that the government is based soley (sic) upon greed and the end is surely exceeding the means. Lets face it, a LPFM 100 won’t do much more than piss off the local community, and anything less will only affect that special person in the next house or two. A real ‘pirate’ station on the other hand could potentially spread the message to communities that need your support. Your voice could become the lifeline to those already oppressed by the schlock delivered by the corporate radio outlets. The truth you deliver could change the lives of many, and the attitudes of some. Either way, you would have done something positive, and not believed that the government is really here to help you!! Do yourself and your community a favor. Get on the air now, and DON’T be a FOOL !!
Views expressed are related on behalf of Doug Brewer for the use of those too stupid to stand up and do something to protect our freedom and future at any cost.