Mosquito Fleet Feature Complete

The major components to our coverage of the microradio activity that took place during the NAB radio convention in Seattle earlier this month are now in place. Please keep in mind that the operational analysis is only one man’s opinion, and I’d love to hear from others who want to share their experiences. If you recorded anything, please let me know and spread the love!
Looking back on all the action, I must say that it felt good to be part of something special, although I’m in awe of so many peoples’ dedication and resourcefulness. Hopefully the dialogue that started in Seattle continues and evolves.
I’ve still got to add links to other stories done about the Fleet’s maiden voyage; those should be up soon. I collected a lot of other microradio-related material in Seattle – a backlog you’re going to find quite enjoyable, so stay tuned.
The only thing I regret is not getting to say good-bye to everyone before we left town. Here’s hoping we sail again soon….