Miscellaneous Piracy Afoot

Some scene reports to share:
Steamboat Springs, CO – “We went on the air about 9 PM Friday (1/30) and took things down at 11 AM Sunday (2/2). The X-mitter was a North Country MPX-96 feeding 2 modified and filtered Radio Shack HTX-10 amplifiers in series. Power out was ~30 watts into a wire 1/2 wave dipole on the balcony of a 2nd story ski-in/ski-out condo about 500 vertical feet above town and 200 feet above the base of the resort. Coverage was excellent as you could imagine. Covered downtown and the whole resort area, didn’t drive far enough to lose the signal. Oh, and the snow was OK, skiing great, and weather WARM.”
Boulder, CO – There has been some sort of split within the Boulder Free Radio organization. Most of the station’s founders are now working on an internet-only radio station presumably called “Real Public Radio.” New folks now have the transmitter; their intentions are unknown.
Cleveland, OH – Grid Radio founder Jerry Szoka has been served the court papers demanding he pay his $11,000 fine. Szoka pretty much exhausted his court appeals almost exactly one year ago. In an email to a mailing list about being served: “It would seem that I am screwed.” The station’s website has also disappeared.
Update: The money crunch is very real. Any one who may wish to donate toward fine payment can send to:
Jerry Szoka
c/o Grid Radio
5611 Hough Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103