Microradio Notes

The FCC has fined a Naples, FL man $10,000 for running an unlicensed station out of a church. Radio Mision Posible got multiple visits and warning letters before getting a pending-fine notice and, ultimately, the forfeiture itself. The Enforcement Action Database has logged 28 actions to-date for the year, bringing the overall running score to 239.
We’ve also updated our Mosquito Fleet Operational Analysis with additional information emailed from fellow participants. It looks like a total of 11 frequencies were occupied during the event, one more than previously estimated. Some frequencies were shared by more than one station.
Hush sends news on Clay Freinwald, the zealous anti-pirate broadcast engineer employed at Entercom’s Seattle cluster of stations. In the latest edition of “Clay’s Corner,” his column in the monthly newsletter of the local SBE chapter, Freinwald mentions that he caught some of the Mosquito Fleet activity:
“One very interesting aspect of having NAB Radio in town was the sudden influx of pirate radio stations. These folks were really up-front in their efforts to state their case. I listened to a couple: 102.1 spent most of their air time bashing Clear Channel and KJR-FM while 101.1 sounding like something out of Berkeley, with more effort made toward bashing the establishment and corporate ownerships.
I have no idea what the local FCC office did with these folks; perhaps they will have some stories to tell at the next SBE meeting.”
Note to Clay: the FCC did absolutely nothing, as that was the smart way to react when swarmed upon. It’s also too bad you missed most of the action, as you apparently only listened to a matter of minutes on a single day. You should’ve heard the stuff said about your mom….