Media Minutes: Behind the Scenes

Things will be static around here until the new year; in the meantime take a tour of the Media Minutes production space I cobbled together.
The initial plan called for utilizing the facilities of the university’s public broadcast complex, but the radio stations are woefully behind the times technologically (nearly-abandonware audio editing systems and no network capability within or between studios). Plus, during pledge drives I’d find myself with no place to work. Going the DIY route is not bad, especially when you’ve actually got a budget to work with and expert advice available.
The office itself is in the Armory Building. It is well situated in relation to the Institute, less than a full block away. As far as office warrens go, it’s a strange place. It doubles as a gymnasium, with a huge indoor track at its center, so there’s a faint smell of sweat in the air. The rest of the layout is incomprehensible: there are staircases that lead to a single room and you cannot walk the length of the building using no less than a stairway and two hallways. On one end of my hall is the Army ROTC, on the other is the Air Force, with us communication research assistants in between. Every room has its own anemic radiator (except for those who have extra-small offices – they have sweatboxes). During the temperate months, the Illini marching band practices outside.
In all I think I spent about $1,500 of McChesney’s money on the setup, not including the computer. Thumbnails on the tour page are clickable and include all the techy-specs.