Making Waves on Verge of Larger Distribution

Michael Lahey, the maker of what most likely is the best documentary yet-produced on the modern microradio/LPFM movement, Making Waves, has announced that the film is now available for free viewing online at Fancast (ironically, a Comcast-owned outlet).
In addition, Lahey says there’s a good chance that Netflix will pick up distribution of the documentary. Here’s how he says we can all help going about making that happen:
For small, indy films like Waves, my distributor has to show Netflix that there is potential viewership, so they’ve created a page for Making Waves on Netflix where people can request the film. If enough people request the film, Netflix will then begin carrying it….[The Netflix page] will say “Save to Queue” below the poster. Click on that, and you’re done.
When I did the search, I didn’t see the prior Waves, but perhaps that’s just because Netflix knows enough about me now to put the correct movie on display first. Regardless, its release date is listed as 2004, so if you’ve got that, then you know you’re helping out the right film.
I am very excited that Making Waves may be making a major jump with regard to distribution. The film’s simply too entertaining, informative, and well-produced to be relegated to the margins. Fingers crossed.