Lucky Bastards

I got the following request for ideas from a merry band of microbroadcasters located somewhere in flyover country. They have a problem – one most microradio stations would kill to be saddled with.
This particular station recently moved to a new location in a building on top of which is a three-story steel smokestack (pictured at right, click for a larger photo). The smokestack isn’t in use anymore and our friends would love to use it as a mast for their antenna. They have permission from the building owner but nobody can figure out a plausible way to:
1) Get the antenna to the top of the smokestack
2) Secure it in place once up there.
So, if you’ll accept the challenge, put on yer brain and ponder solving this dilemma. The microbroadcasters think it’s almost too crazy to entertain the idea…but not enough to abandon it completely.
They’re also open to any suggestions and advice – if you have any, drop me a line and I will forward the info along to the crew.