LPFM Station Honored for Post-Katrina Broadcasts

Congratulations to WQRZ-LP in Kiln, Mississippi, honored last week for its heroic efforts following the area’s ravaging by Hurricane Katrina. WQRZ can be heard in Waveland, where temporary autonomous microradio also helped out during the storm’s immediate aftermath.
During that time the FCC authorized WQRZ to bump up its power from 100 to 1,300 watts in order to better serve the area as one of only four stations that could be reliably received. And in a strange twist of fate, while local officials in Houston prevented Katrina-related emergency broadcasts from being heard, FEMA actually gave away radios to facilitate the tuning in of WQRZ.
WQRZ-LP is first LPFM station to be licensed directly to an amateur radio group.