LPFM Miscellany

An update to a story earlier this week: the United Church of Christ’s documentary, LPFM: The People’s Choice, is most definitely an optional-carry program for NBC affiliates. This is evidenced by the fact that less than two dozen stations have agreed to broadcast it so far – some of whom won’t actually play it until next year. There is a link on the UCC site marked “click here to view the video (RealVideo)” but I can’t get it to work (after trying two different browsers).
While the LPFM service itself seems to be stuck in limbo (no new station application windows on the horizon, S. 2505 dead in the water), the FCC may be planning a publicity stunt of sorts. It seems that an “LPFM Day” is in the works, where LPFM advocates and people with stations will come to the FCC and show off some of their gear as well as tell stories of what LPFM stations have done for their communities. All well and good, but no substitute for actual service growth.
Finally, the move of a commercial FM station in Oregon across the border into Washington state (to target the Seattle market) has claimed another casualty. Mid-Columbia Broadcasting-owned KMCQ-FM received permission from the FCC to move its transmission facilities earlier this year, which will force Mercer Island High School’s Class-D station KMIH off the air. After temporarily setting aside its decision the FCC changed its mind again a month later and the move is back on.
But KMIH will not be the only casualty: a proposed LPFM station that would have served Bainbridge Island is now barred from being built, since its proposed frequency of operation is no longer in conformance with the LPFM restrictive channel spacing rules. Talk about serving the public interest: two community radio stations are sacrificed so a commercial outlet can make more money.