Localism Backlash in Massachusetts

The Vox Radio Group is a regional player in the radio business, owning more than 30 stations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Like most broadcast companies it’s been culling staff over the last several years, but when it let go George Trottier, meteorologist of 32 years at WNAW-AM in North Adams, Massachusetts, some karmic line got crossed.
The station got pummeled with feedback from angry listeners – so much so that the WNAW’s general manager re-hired him less than a week later. Publicly: live, on the air, during the morning show.
“Trottier called in and accepted a job offer via phone from the radio station manager David Luyk, who had gone on air to impress upon the public that the corporate station still had community roots. When Trottier called in, he said: ‘I am looking for an accurate forecast. Do you know where I can get one?'”
The news guy, who got canned last year, is still out of luck.