Liberation Radio Plans Appeal

Another strange day in court for the folks at San Francisco Liberation Radio. This morning they got another chance to argue their case in front of federal district judge Susan Illston: this time the station’s legal team emphasized that it has eight years’ worth of correspondence with the FCC, which should (at some level) make their case somehow different, and their argument against the station raid and seizure process somehow more compelling.
Karoline Hatch wrote in an update:
While it is very likely that the ruling will not be in SFLR’s favor, we are not surprised nor discouraged by this. Judge Illston’s decisions are restricted by those of precedent-setting cases in higher courts and our intention has been to argue our case in front of the Ninth Circuit where policy change can happen on a national level.
She signed off with, “One thing [we] learned today was that the law moves very slowly.” I guess this means we’re still waiting for the initial ruling against the station. Most people are not excited about heading into an appeal, and I’m not completely sure why SFLR and its legal crew are. The Ninth Circuit’s got unfavorable precedent to work with as well.