Just in Time for the Holidays…

…I decided to remove the store-section of this web site. For years I have affiliated with alternative or independent retailers of books and music, but nobody really bit, partially because e-commerce on this site is somewhat antithetical to its nature; it’s really a labor of love. (Even so, many thanks to those who do occasionally throw a buck or few my way via the donate button).
Apologies to those who had linked to my book reviews; perhaps those will be resurrected in the future.
The end of the year’s always a busy time; there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday, which falls in-between the two. So, if you’re ever in a generous spirit, instead of obliquely imploring you to buy sh*t whereby I get a commission, why don’t you simply give the gift of knowledge?
Yeah, that’s right: buy me a book. I’ve created an Amazon wish-list; so far, most of it constitutes things I read for my preliminary exams. Scholars are supposed to have big libraries, and mine is just plain pathetic. Being a Cold War kid, there’s also some stuff in there to satisfy my morbid fascination with nuclear war. New or used, I care not.
While you’re at it, if there’s some tome you think I should really be checking out, drop a line and I’ll add it to the list. That is all.