Indymedia Under Attack (Again)

Today FBI agents seized a server that hosted several Independent Media Center sites. None of the story makes any sense: the actual confiscation took place in London – reportedly as a matter of “professional courtesy” that originated with a request from Swiss law enforcement officials. That request has something to do with pictures posted to an IMC of undercover Swiss police working a protest in France.
In a single strike several IMCs in Europe and South America, as well as IMC-Radio, were wiped out (although some have since been restored thanks to quickly-rigged backups). It was a nicely-timed raid, too, as the European Social Forum takes place next week.
Reports that this has something to do with the list (later updated) of Republican National Convention delegates posted to New York Indymedia are false (the investigation into that is “ongoing,” even though the information was in the public domain before it was compiled and posted to the NYC-IMC).
Rackspace, the company that had hosted the server, has been ordered not to talk about the seizure. For what it’s worth, one has to wonder…