HD Radio: Point/Counterpoint

Last month, the Prometheus Radio Project published a list of the “Top Ten Problems With HD Radio.” While it’s somewhat incomplete, it is probably the most coherent and concise plain-English critique published so far that best captures the deficiencies in the HD Radio protocol.
Apparently, this did not sit well with the radio industry which, in one of its trade publications, ran a feature “debunking” many of Prometheus’ HD Radio criticisms.
Originally, I had planned to debunk the debunkers, but the time is simply not there. Instead, I encourage anyone interested in the subject to read both publications and decide which one is actually backed by fact, and which one is mostly rhetorical wiggling (it should be pretty obvious which is which).
Additionally, I’ve finished my dissertation outline, which is essentially a formal indictment of not just HD Radio but of all digital audio broadcast technologies currently in play. It’s better than a debunking – it’s the real history with no couching or frivolity. And there’s a lot more to come: I expect the dissertation itself will most likely be ten times as long as this outline, but you’ll get a gist of where I’m going, and it’s better than any pedantic debunking of debunkers that I could gin up on the fly.
In the near future, I hope to consolidate all of my digital radio research and writing into a centralized location on the site; look for a new link in the left-hand sidebar when that goes down.