Free Speech For Sale Set Free; Multimedia Collage to Descend on D.C.

This just in from the curators of the sequel to The Droplift Project: all interested droplifters should send email to including a mailing address to receive copies of the Free Speech For Sale CD. 33 tracks of exquisitely recontextualized commercial speech, sure to mind-blow quite entertainingly.
The CDs up for droplifting have one small blemish – the track orders are slightly scrambled, affecting about 90 seconds mid-album. FSFS curator Every Man estimates this blemish affects approximately 2% of the compilation’s overall content.
Free Speech for Sale‘s initial CD release is limited to about 2,000 pressings but the entire project (including artwork) will be posted online shortly to further spread the droplift virus. A taste of the goodness to come in the form of seven tracks can be found in our Gallery of Consumer Collage.
In related news, the US Department of Art and Technology will launch a live, blended-media collage exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC on August 15. Tel-SPAN, The Telematic Channel, will include a live, 24/7 webcast component.
USDAT seeks audio/video fodder for its palette and stream: contact Rick Silva, USDAT’s Director of the Joint Chiefs of Sound Warfare and Peer-to-Peer Defense, for further information.