Freak Radio Update: Mobilization for Microradio?

This excerpt from FRSC’s “response to our supporters“:
The outpouring of support, donations, equipment and kind words has been overwhelming, but each e-mail, each letter, and each phone message from you, our listeners, is what keeps us going through these dark times. Please, keep it up!….
Perhaps the most important thing you can do is spread the word about this repression of dissent, and loss of free speech. Tell everyone you know; family, friends, lovers, teachers, doctors, politicians, etc… Write letters to the editor of your daily or weekly paper, call radio and cable access talk shows, spread the news on internet chat rooms, and listserves.
If you are a radio, tv, or print reporter, interview someone from FRSC to talk about the importance of microradio.
Many of you have offered to donate equipment, or technical skills. We will review these offers and someone will be in touch soon with a more detailed response.
If you know of, or can recommend a good communications lawyer, please contact one of us directly.
On Thursday, October 7, MediaemergenC attendees will march on the NAB. That same day KFAR holds another public protest in response to its recent bust. Sounds like a great day to launch a solidarity action in your community: if you are so inclined, e-mail Freak Radio with the details so they can add the action to their list.