FCC Stymied in Brattleboro Court

A hearing was held today on the FCC’s motion for an injunction to silence radio free brattleboro.
The FCC argued that broadcasting without a license is against the law. radio free brattleboro’s attorneys pointed to the incredible amount of local support and the fact that (as of now) the FCC offers no licenses to FM radio stations of 10 watts or less.
Judge J. Garvan Murtha was apparently influenced by the strong community support for and logic behind the station’s concerns. He denied the FCC’s motion for an injunction and – similar to the FCC v. (Stephen) Dunifer case of the mid-90s – asked both sides for further briefs. Those are due in 45 days.
If the FCC stays true to form, having already engaged rfb in the courts, it’s very likely the station’s bought at least another 45 days of broadcasting. It also helps that the case is being heard in Brattleboro proper.
In related news, a hearing on San Francisco Liberation Radio’s petition for the return of its equipment (seized in a raid in October) has been scheduled for April 30th.