FCC Strikes Again in Vermont, Florida

More reports of microradio enforcement activity stretch the FCC’s efforts this month from coast to coast. Radio Free Brattleboro, a Vermont microradio station that got its start in a teen center some five years ago, got a nasty visit from two FCC agents Tuesday. Video was recorded of the incident (which we hope to get) and although the agents had no search warrant a list containing contact information for many of RFB’s volunteers is missing from the station. Radio Free Brattleboro’s web site went down at approximately the same time as the visit.
From RFB’s official announcement: “It’s a real shame because in addition to providing entertainment and information to the community, we have trained hundreds of local citizens of all ages in the art of radio broadcasting.” DJ trainer Steven Twiss emailed with more pointed reaction: “The community here is building up a nice case of outrage.”
A press report of the encounter references complaints of interference, although RFB moved frequencies at least once during its run (from 88.1 to 88.9) to make room for a new public radio station.
On the same day the FCC fined a Florida man $10,000 for broadcasting on 93.9 in the Orlando area. Curiously enough, Brian Bloom is the second person in Orlando to get busted using that frequency this year. Can the dial really be that crowded?