FCC as Sketch Troupe

Shamelessly lifted from the trade rag Radio & Records, this is not the work of beings in the reality-based community:
In a taped performance shown [Dec. 3] at the Federal Communications Bar Association FCC Chairman’s Dinner… [Mikey] Powell donned a wig that looked only slightly worse than [Donald Trump’s] actual hair and faced down Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, Media Bureau Chief Ken Ferree and Powell Chief of Staff Bryan Tramont at a large table in a spoof of the boardroom scenes from the NBC TV show The Apprentice. Dutifully filling in for real-life Trump assistants Carolyn and George were Commissioners Kathleen Abernathy and Michael Copps.
Powell berated the three candidates – all there to compete for his job as Chairman – for the poor job they did in drafting the FCC’s media-ownership rules but conceded that drafting regulations is “harder than attending localism hearings.” Making the most of his only line, Copps fired back, “How the hell would you know?”
In a speech delivered after the video presentation, Powell took on Howard Stern’s continuing allegations that Powell isn’t qualified for his job. “What about his qualifications?” Powell asked. “All he does is interview naked Hooters girls and midget strippers and tell fart jokes. What qualifications do you need for that?” Powell also let fly with some cracks about the enduring debate over broadcast indecency, calling the NAB the “National Association of Booty” and charging that the TV networks have mistaken this time of year for “the season to be jiggy.”
How I would kill for a copy of Mikey spouting “booty” and “jiggy.” We’re kickin’ off the next four years right!