FCC 2008 Proposed Budget: No Surprises

From the enforcement perspective, the Enforcement Bureau’s proposed 2008 outlay comes to $46.4 million – this is an increase of just under $2 million from FY 2006-07. The Enforcement Bureau constitutes the second-largest FCC bureau/office in terms of budget size (second only to the Office of Managing Director).
While the number of full-time equivalent employees in Enforcement stays constant through the period, some shuffling within the ranks does occur; FTEs devoted to the goals of “spectrum” and “media” will increase, while those devoted to “public safety/homeland security” will decrease.
The FCC’s $313 million proposal also includes $1 million to upgrade 12 of the agency’s 76 mobile direction-finding vehicles; according to the proposal, “twenty-eight vehicles, or 36% of the FCC’s MDDF fleet, are more than seven years old and eleven vehicles, or approximately 15%…are more than ten years old.”