European DAB Effectively Failing

Grant Goddard is apparently my European counterpart (albeit much smarter) when it comes to watching all things digital radio. A reader pointed me to his blog, where he keeps tabs on the entire continent.
Some of these posts are “wrapups” of the state of DAB in Europe; there are woefully few positive signs of life to be found. Some countries are already abandoning their preexisting DAB systems, and others are reluctant to consider alternative investments and/or upgrades to next-generation DAB technology.
Compared to what I thought I knew, I now realize that I know practically nothing outside of my own borders, and this must be corrected. Compared to what’s happening domestically, however, it’s clear now that the digitalization of radio itself simply isn’t working. The question on the minds of policymakers and citizenry alike shouldn’t be, “why not?”, but rather, “why bother?