Enforcement Action Database Revamp

Sparked by an interview done for this story, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks conducting a much-needed audit of the Enforcement Action Database. The biggest changes involved harmonizing the counting methodology from year-to-year, and correcting scattered counting errors collected over a decade of compilation.
However, the revised figures show no significant change in the trends of late: more administrative penalties, less overall muscle, and the proliferation of stations continues. I will be the first to admit to sucking at math.
I also took the liberty of deleting a few of the more nebulous “stats” I’d been keeping, like the average wattage of a U.S. microradio station and average lifespan. Truth be told, there were too many holes in the information for those numbers to ever be remotely useful.
The FCC should end up well north of 200 enforcement actions for this calendar year, though September is traditionally the second-slowest pirate-busting month on record.