Del Colliano Chroncles the Cratering of Radio

I know I’ve mentioned Inside Music Media before but its proprietor, Jerry Del Colliano, has been on quite a roll over the last couple of months. Some examples:
IMM predicted mass-cutbacks at Clear Channel weeks before they were announced – and then gave the most accurate figures publicly available on the real size and scope of the layoffs.
In the wake of the first corporate culling, Clear Channel announced its new focus on “localism.” IMM saw right through that poppycock, and even revealed the seemingly desperate lengths the company is going to avoid negative regulatory attention. In the interim, he also revealed new details on a second round of layoffs, and the negative impacts these cuts are already having on the company’s ability to adequately serve the public interest.
And Clear Channel is not the only target in town: IMM took Citadel/ABC to task for running the company into the ground, while the company’s big-wigs walked away with millions and the worker-bees are left to cope with “stayoffs.”
There is much more bad news to come, and I have no doubt Jerry Del Colliano will be there to chronicle it. He’s also pushing hard for true lovers of radio to come to grasp with the medium’s need to adapt to “new media,” so there’s plenty of constructive advice to balance the criticism. Having been a fan of Del Colliano’s since the days of Inside Radio, I don’t think I’ve seen him so full of piss and vinegar in close to a decade.