Deez Nutz Busts the Station that Snitched

There is a clever sleuth in cahoots with Deez Nutz 93.7, the unlicensed microradio station shut down by the FCC about a week and a half ago. This MP3 of a phone call to “KUBE 93” evening DJ Eric Powers (:53, 368K) seems to connect the commercial station to the enforcement action.
Here is a partial transcript of the call – note there is no mention of interference being a problem with Deez Nutz, even though the station broadcast only two channels away from KUBE:
Caller: Have you ever heard of that pirate station Deez Nutz 93.7?
Eric Powers: Uh, actually, yeah, we have.
Caller: Really. You know why they went off the air recently?
Eric Powers: Well, for one they were breaking the law. So that was just totally illegal, what they were doing.
Caller: Yeah? So?
Eric Powers: So, not to mention the profanity. They were also taking away listeners from us. So, what we did is we contacted the FCC and we opened up a case against them.
KUBE-FM broadcasts on 93.3 and is a wholly owned automaton of Clear Channel Communications. “KUBE 93” programs an “urban” format of homogenized hip-hop music (certified safe for the suburban white kids), while Deez Nutz was apparently broadcasting rap in its full, raw glory.

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  1. i know this is really old, but i use to listen to deez nuts whenever i was near his broadcast, it wasnt a huge range but the guy played not just rap, but anything you asked him to through email. real nice guy that was running it too. i was delivering pizza at the time for pizza hut and was pretty bummed when he got taken down.

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