Clear Channel Tacitly Approves Newsroom Name Sales

Madison IMCsta turned pro blogger Kristian Knutsen has written a threepart series on Clear Channel stations in Madison and Milwaukee selling the naming rights to their newsrooms.
Kristian queried Clear Channel corporate about the deals and whether they’re part of any national trend: he got a response from someone at Brainerd Communications, a PR firm which specializes in corporate crisis management. “[C]orporate offices are not commenting. These were local decisions made by local stations.” Kristian thus surmises “the company does not disapprove of this new business direction, and considers newsroom sponsorships to be appropriate.”
Chances are the practice will spread, or perhaps already has, considering that part of the news Milwaukee hears out of the “PyraMax Bank News Center” at WISN is actually sourced from Cleveland. There’s a good assemblage of other interesting info-nuggets dug up by the blogosphere in part three of Kristian’s series.