Calvary Satellite Network Lawsuits Near Settlement

The Phoenix Preacher blog reports that discussions between Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA (the founding church of the Calvary Chapel phenomenon) and Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls, ID may avoid acrimonious litigation and instead end with a partial breakup of CSN. The scuttlebutt says the Idaho-based operation will end up keeping the network’s uplink, several full-power FM stations, and an undetermined number of FM translator repeater-stations.
There is no word about how the network’s finances, valued in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, will be split, nor whether the more “ungodly” allegations (involving both financial and sexual matters) will be handled, though there are signs that the victims, as is too often the case, will get the shaft.
The Los Angeles Times is supposed to publish an overview of this saga when it is concluded. Unfortunately, one of the settlement’s conditions will most likely involve the signing of confidentiality agreements all around, so we may never find out the full story behind it.