Big-Ups to FCC Goons

It’s about time the folks at showed up for a look-see; they took in 14 pages late last week.
There’s plenty of unresolved numerical IPs that hit this site, and many government agencies contract out their telecommunications services (like internet access), especially at field offices. But it sure is nice to finally get hits from the HQ, so to speak.
With that in mind, I’d like to say to our FCC reader(s): I understand you have a job to do. So do we. Your bosses have compromised themselves and the mission of your agency in exchange for subservience to interests that are opposite in nature to either you (as an individual) or us.
Drop the military-esque “enforcer” shit and rid yourselves of thugs like Lloyd Perry and the Dynamic Duo up in the Twin Cities, and maybe we can all start talking instead of playing hide-and-seek.
Otherwise, you’re going to end up losing the war for the airwaves. Just wanted you to know that up front. Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming.