Behind the Numbers @ the FCC Enforcement Bureau

At its October 10 meeting, the Commission’s decision to approve a standard for digital radio drew the headlines. But there were three items on the meeting’s agenda, one of which was the Enforcement Bureau’s release of its yearly Progress Report.
We’ve condensed the microradio-related enforcement news from the presentation and assembled a special report on what was revealed. My favorite highlight involves the Bureau’s number-fudging on enforcement actions finally catching up with it: the report claims fewer “pirate radio” enforcement actions than previous agency statements suggest. The discrepancy is not gigantic, but large enough to be noteworthy.
On the digital radio front, the FCC’s actual Report and Order containing all the technical details of the IBOC standard has been published. It’s interesting that the technical specifications co-released with the R&O come straight from iBiquity itself, emblazoned with the company’s bright red and gray logo (go to, scroll down the front page to the “10/11/02” entry and download the Acrobat files to see for yourself).
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