AMC Rocks Haus; FCC Drops Lit @ BLR

Freshly back from the 2005 Allied Media Conference, which definitely lives up to its hype. I didn’t get a good sense of just how many people were there in total, but the AMC bowling party was definitely overflowing. The microradio workshop went off great (I caught nobody napping). The dulcet sounds of pirate radio songs, bust audio, and the KJR culture jam simulcast could be heard throughout the Bowling Green State University student union for the duration of Saturday. Now it’s time to hope that inspiration takes root.
With three AMC sessions going on at any given time I ended up flitting between various things, except for Sunday, when I indulged in the conference film festival. Most of the panel sessions were taped, although the raw audio is of variable quality. I met a lot of talented and passionate people doing amazing work, like further exploration of the “hybrid radio” concept (webcasting plus microradio), turnkey tactical webcasting, radical librarianship, and oodles more.
While away: KPFA’s Flashpoints did a rough interview with Berkeley Liberation Radio DJs Screwy Louie and Soul, who report finding a warning letter slipped under the door last week. As BLR is facing the imminent dilemma of losing its current space it certainly doesn’t need the added hassle. Both DJs give up some interesting tidbits about the station, as well as some wacky-talk (no microradio case has yet been heard by the Supreme Court, and the FCC doesn’t arrest people Pump Up the Volume-style).