A Survey on Community Media

The folks over at Free Press are looking for perspectives and opinions on the state of community/independent media in the United States. It’s part of the organization’s “New Public Media” initiative, which is a long-term campaign to reform the existing public broadcasting structure in the U.S. and, in so doing, perhaps put some of the “public” into public media.
It’s a lofty and ambitious goal – one of those I fear not seeing in my lifetime – but at least someone’s taking the time to take the pulse of domestic independent media. You can provide as much or as little information as you’d like, and your info won’t be used for any nefarious purposes.
The survey seems geared toward existing independent media-makers, but I’m betting all input would be thanked (especially for you who’d like to do community/independent media but unfortunately live in a spot where few, if any, exists). In fact, since one of the largest – and most invisible – cohorts of “independent media” makers are individuals (see, for example, remix culture), if you fit the bill I’d strongly urge to make yourself (and your own opinions) known.
The results of said survey (whose duration I do not know) should make for some interesting reading.