A Hearty Middle Finger to the National Association of Broadcasters

Guess who stopped in this week for a look-see:
0.02%: foxtrot.nab.org
I’d just like to personally say hello to our visitors from the NAB and wish them a rambunctious time in Seattle come mid-September. Since the cat’s out of the bag, anyone heading there for the festivities should practice appropriate levels of personal and group security, as you may never know just who may be listening in on what you have to say.
When you stick a few thousand radio industry types in one place, you’re bound to end up with a handful of pirate-hating chumps who find the hunt arousing: freedom of speech is not the NAB’s strong suit, unless it suits their agenda of the moment. And you can bet Seattle’s finest field agents have been alerted as well. Tactics will be key.