Democracy Convention is Radioactive

Not a month back in Madison, and already in the thick of it.
Next weekend, the city plays host to the inaugural Democracy Convention, designed to build on this year’s popular uprising in Wisconsin and foster collaboration among like-minded folks nationwide. (That should be just about anyone: it is hard to hate on democracy.)
The Convention will be a meta-conference of sorts. One of its tracks is devoted to media democracy and there are two workshops scheduled that will focus explicitly on the use of radio for radical activism.
Microbroadcasting, LPFM, and full-power community radio stations will be fully represented here. All have important roles to play in the inspiration, sustenance, and success of social movements, and each station comes with its own unique set of potentials and pitfalls.
Convention attendees will definitely go away well-schooled in the steps necessary to reclaim the airwaves. There are reportedly plans to stream the events, but the details aren’t set in stone yet.