Be the Media! Blog Online: Coverage Nexus for Media Conference

Participants in both the National Conference on Media Reform and Be the Media! shadow conference this weekend in Madison are invited to blog their experiences; the hope is that the blog becomes a neutral space for a sharing of critical perspectives on the events, outside of the dazzle and hubbub of the conferences themselves, resulting in some good collective coverage.
Those attending either conference are encouraged to contribute to the the coverage by e-mailing with contact info, and they’ll set you up with access as well. Continue reading “Be the Media! Blog Online: Coverage Nexus for Media Conference”

Scene Reportage: Jostling for Space

Skywave Radio in Florida went off the air today due to the occupation of its frequency by a Haitian pirate station. According to Skywave’s founder, broadcast range was cut from ~10 to less than two miles; there are as many as a dozen other pirates on the air in Broward County alone.
A similar circumstance exists in Seattle, where a recently-established microradio station devoted to the exploration of beats is scouting for a new frequency after finding a Christian pirate squatting on theirs.
Free Radio San Diego is also on hiatus as it moves to a new broadcast location. The station’s created a page explaining the deal so as to pre-empt rumor mongering.