The State of Florida v. Rayon Payne, pt. ∞

Late last October, Rayon Payne was tooling along the highway in a friend’s car when the po-po rolled up and pulled them over. Both men were searched, and the cops found a loaded gun on Payne’s person. Payne was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon. He wrote me shortly after it happened but I neglected to further publicize the incident – not like the man needs any more negative spin to his life’s story.
True to form, the state’s case has fallen apart: all charges have been dropped, perhaps because Payne had a permit to carry his weapon. The department which confiscated his gun is refusing to give it back, so Payne’s filed a lawsuit for the return of his property and false arrest, putting his well-honed self-taught legal skills to constructive use.
I know at least one person who’s made a decent living out of nose-thumbing the authorities. Says Rayon, “[with] the lawsuit maybe I’ll [win] a few million and buy a legal station….Now that would be funny… using there (sic) money.” Delicious irony indeed.