Guy Wire Pimps NAB Translator Invasion

I’ve long respected the opinion of Guy Wire, the pseudonym for a “veteran radio broadcast engineer” who writes regularly for Radio World, an excellent source of industry news. Hiding behind a pen name has given Guy Wire the balls over time to speak unpopular truths about the radio industry.
Which is why I was somewhat disappointed in his latest column, where he praises the National Association of Broadcasters’ plans to flood the FM dial with more translator stations that will do nothing more than simulcast AM radio stations.
Guy paints the plan as prudent, allowing neglected and beleaguered AM broadcasters to finally have “real relief” from increased interference and noise on the AM band. He says AM radio is “under siege,” with “far too many marginal stations with dwindling audiences and revenues.” Continue reading “Guy Wire Pimps NAB Translator Invasion”

Radio World Asks Radio Industry to Acquiesce on LPFM

Check this editorial from the closest thing the industry has to a regular general news rag. Radio World was a cautiously supportive voice for LPFM when it was first introduced – but now the publication is firmly on board.
My favorite chunk(s):
“Radio…has become the poster child of what’s wrong with media consolidation…”
“We could do a lot worse than associate ourselves anew with small stations that broadcast for a few miles, offer unexpected and diverse on-air talent, and feature content of interest to their immediate neighborhoods. LPFMs are a lot closer to the ideals of radio as first conceived than most broadcasters probably care to admit.”
“The Communications Act of 1934 established radio’s philosophy of serving “the public interest, convenience and necessity.” Small, localized services are not a threat to that philosophy, rather they are a part of it.” Continue reading “Radio World Asks Radio Industry to Acquiesce on LPFM”