Misc. A/V Goodness

Conspiracy Theory Rock: Media-opoly
This Robert Smigel animation ran once on Saturday Night Live but has been cut from the reruns. (undated)
Martian radio on YouTube
The classic Sesame Street sketch: “Yip Yip Yip….raaaaaaaadio.” (undated)
Drowned City
A documentary about the U.K. pirate radio scene, heavily told from the perspective of broadcasters themselves. (2013)
FCC Open Commission Meeting – November 30, 2012
Watch as FCC staff and Commissioners sing the praises of LPFM and take the first steps to expand the service. (11/30/12)
HD Radio Interference Auburn
Drive along and listen as FM-HD interference messes with community radio station KVMR. (11/6/12)
FM HD Radio takes up 3 FM channels and interferes with local radio station 104.9
The chief engineer of KGIG demonstrates what FM-HD signals do to an LPFM station listening in a car. (8/30/12)
Chasing down a Pirate Radio station
Paul Thurst consolidates a YouTube feature series that starts with one premise and ends with quite another. (8/24/12)
U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee – The Future of Audio
Archived video and testimony from this wide-ranging exploratory hearing. (6/6/12)
Low Power FM and FM Translator Public Forum
The FCC outlines its ongoing rulemaking and future strategies for untangling the translator spectrum-grab and reserving adequate space to expand LPFM. (5/16/12)
PoP dEFECT RADIO: Pirates of the Air
Skidmark Bob remixes this classic collage for the new decade. (3/28/12)
Civil Rights on the Airwaves
“Building community radio in communities of color” – a panel discussion hosted by the New America Foundation. (1/9/12)
Corporate FM
Documentary explores the decimation of music radio post-1996. (2012)
YouTube Channel featuring “Some People Just Do Nothing,” a parody of tower-block pirate broadcasting in the U.K. (2012)
Our Cities, Our Airwaves: Translating the Translator Issue
Informative video from the Prometheus Radio project breaking down the relationship between FM translator and LPFM stations. (8/1/11)
Genachowski: FCC inherited a “real mess” in net neutrality
Includes an hour-long video of the FCC Chairman at his appearance in front of the Commonwealth Club of California. (4/26/11)
Creative License DC: Webcast
Video archive of an excellent panel on intellectual property law sponsored by the Future of Music Coalition. (4/16/11)
Barbershop Punk
A compelling documentary on the need for network neutrality. (2011)
Skidmark Bob and I talk about “Operation In Our Sites,” a new law-enforcement crackdown on file-sharing. (7/15/10)
A Critical Ear: Digital Radio
Andrew O’Baoill interviews me on the travesty that is digital radio, both in the U.S. and globally. (3/4/10)
Uneven Terrain: London Pirate Frequencies
A mini-documentary on the still-booming London pirate radio scene, including clandestine visits to active stations. (March 2010)
Clandestine: A movie by Gideon C. Kennedy & Maurcs Rosentrader
A documentary about the most elusive of clandestine stations – the numbers station. Trailer available online. (2010)
Busted! 95.9 FM gets shut down by the FCC
Video of the visit, courtesy of Austin Airwaves. (2010)
Complete Guide to Building an FM Broadcast Station
Mega-video tutorial hosted by Free Radio Berkeley’s Stephen Dunifer. (5/8/09)
Family Guy: The Freaking FCC
Clip of the famous little ditty about indecency from the hit FOX animated series. (2/27/09)
Blast From Yer’ Past: Wash DC 10.05.98
Footage from the pro-pirate, anti-NAB/FCC protest during the early years of the LPFM saga. (2/14/09)
Radio Caroline: 1960s Super8 Pirate Radio Footage
A silent snapshot of life on board the great pirate ship. (2009)
How To Make a Radio Station
Step-by-step video guide for wiring up a quick guerrilla boxen. (12/2/08)
Local Community Radio Act Would Increase Public Independent Media
Uprising Radio interviews Jonathan Lawson on the proposed legislation. (9/29/08)
FRSC: PRO IP Act, ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Interview with John Anderson
Skidmark Bob and I talk about some draconian copyright laws wending their way through Congress; via IndyBay. (6/17/08)
Recherche: Digitalization and Community Media
Interview with a bunch of us at the ESF digitalization and community media conference in Budapest. (5/23/08)
State of Media 2008 John Anderson Interview
Skidmark Bob and I informally chat on a variety of media-themed issues. (2/18/08)
Cramer: It’s Over for Radio Stocks
CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer predicts the end of radio as we know it. (2/8/08)
iBiquity Tour
Video montage of “press clips” from inside iBiquity HQ. (9/12/07)
Radio for People: FCC to Grant Licenses for New Full Power Noncommercial FM Radio Stations
Democracy Now! covers the potential resurgence of community radio with the coming of a new filing window for full-power noncommercial stations. (8/10/07)
Pirate Radio and Democracy
Half-hour interview features a member of Free Radio Olympia, and explores the collective’s reasoning behind direct-action reclamation of the public airwaves. (2/12/07)
Pirate Radio USA
Trailer-site for the spicy documentary. (2006)
LPFM: The People’s Choice
YouTube link for the hour-long documentary sponsored and produced by the United Church of Christ. (2006)
The Tower
Clever animated musical short from Consumers Union explains why media consolidation sucks and urging petition-signage for force the FCC to hold public hearings on the issue. (10/2005)
Opengeek: Comparative Audio Samples
MP3 and Ogg Vorbis-format samples of digital radio (multiple protocols), analog radio, satellite radio, and compressed and uncompressed audio. (3/2005)
Strong Bad Email #120: Radio
“College Radio can be summed up in five words: dead air, um, dead air.” (12/2004)
Longest-Standing Pirate Radio Station Free Radio Santa Cruz Shut Down by FCC
Democracy Now! interviews two members of the station collective; listen in MP3 or Real Audio; includes rush transcript, although the headline is erroneous. (9/30/04)
Making Waves: A Michael Lahey Film
Documentary features the stories of three microradio stations in Tucson in the LPFM era; read the review. (2004)
A short documentary about pirate TV in Italy. (2004)
Tower Block Dreams
This legendary BBC documentary profiles the prolific pirate radio scenes in the U.K.’s largest cities. Six-part video; start with Part 1 here. (2004)
KGTV Report on Free Radio San Diego
San Diego ABC affiliate runs a fairly straightforward headline story on FRSD’s contacts with the FCC; contains a sound bite from masked DJ Bob Ugly. (6/27/03)
Free Radio San Diego badgers FCC
Recorded in the street, May 9, 2003: “Shut down, or we’ll make you.”

Mark Fiore: Minister of Information
Excellent flash satire casts FCC Chairman Mikey Powell in the light of Iraq’s former Minister of Information. (June 2003)
A Debate between the FCC and media analysts Robert McChesney and Jeff Chester on Media Consolidation
Democracy Now! segment features liveliness. (1/7/03)
Pirate Radio Report 2002
A story from BBC4, includes shots of the DTI in action. (2002)
NAB Anti-LPFM Propaganda CD
Actual lobbying materials broadcasters used to eviscerate low-power community radio. (2/20/00)

Kelly Kombat and 87X Pirate Radio
Mini-video feature on this Tampa pirate and one of its proprietors. (1997)
DTI raid on JBC Radio
Rare, You Tube-archived footage of the British radio cops in action. (1987)
Radio Free Steve
Movie about being a U.S. radio pirate following a nuclear war. (1984)
Nek se čuje i naš glas
Documentary about rural AM pirates in Yugoslavia during the Tito regime. (1971)
Geheime Zenders
Documentary about AM radio pirates in Holland post-WWII. (1968)
Radio Hams
Quasi-propaganda film short about the civic addictiveness of amateur radio play. (1939)
Fourteen Years of Radio Home Run (1983-96)
Japanese microradio philosopher Tetsuo Kogawa chronicles his station’s life in Real Media.

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