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Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB Index (full reportback)
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kjrcdKJR Culture Jam: Conducted on Thursday, September 12, 2002— the opening day of the National Association of Broadasters’ confab —at least six microradio stations simulcast this very pointed parody of local Clear Channel station 95.7 KJR-FM. The 24-minute program looped from noon through 7PM on Thursday, confounding Seattle’s commuting public during the afternoon drive.

Hush was a volunteer coordinator/publicist who also pulled an air shift or two. He originally got involved in microbroadcasting through Free Seattle Radio.

jdJustin Disruption helped build the gear that got Free Radio Twin Cities and The Wireless Virus on the air. He’s also the assembler of one of the best primers on microbroadcasting available. He was invaluable as a member of the technical crew that kept the Fleet afloat and on the air, creating magic with improv engineering.

Reckless was instrumental in keeping Free Radio Austin alive during its long dance with the FCC. An organizer at heart and not to be messed with, she (along with members of the FRA crew) helped get parties started on 96.9 and 89.1, and may have had a hand in operations on 104.1 as well.

jonathanjayJonathan Jay did most of the background work in preparation for the Mosquito Fleet’s arrival – selecting open frequencies, finding broadcast locations and evangelizing on behalf of microradio activists. He prepped the battlefield for the Fleet’s tactical occupation of the Seattle FM dial and did lots of installation work in the field. Source audio courtesy of

amoshaunAmoshaun was the main brains behind Studio X, the Seattle IMC’s Internet radio station. Studio X was invaluable to the Mosquito Fleet because it could both provide programming from Reclaim the Media! events AND webcast signals from the Fleet itself. Source audio courtesy of

Public Domain: “Sunday Greedy Sunday”
An impromptu parody of the famous U2 song of similar name—as sung by the band after they’ve been bought by Clear Channel.

System P Aircheck, 9/11/02
Remixing the War on Terra on its first anniversary. Involved the simultaneous occuaption of at least three frequencies in Seattle.

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