Media Collage

Collage is the act of appropriating existing messages to make new ones. Literally anything can be considered collage fodder. Issues of copyright come into play when making collages from popular music, film, television programs or commercials.
The act of cultural appropriation is not theft. It is a legitimate and established artistic technique to further the interpretation of existing works. This is because a work of collage is more than a sum of its parts.
Featured Collage Galleries
Truthful Translations of Political Speech: Presidents, prime ministers and other icons of the state as you’ve never heard them before.
Celebrity Speech: Infotainment professionals subversively recontextualized.
Consumer Collage: Commercial speech “clarified.”
Collage Artists: Our directory of who does this sort of stuff.
Other Collage Online

A Fair(y) Use Tale
: The basics of copyright, told tongue-in-cheek.
Bush Raps (Re)Mix Contest: This president’s words take on new meaning in the public domain.
Concrete T.V.: Archive of collage program that aired on NYC public access cable.
The Droplift Project: Surreptitiously spreading collage through record stores!
Free Speech For Sale: Album completely derived from advertising fodder.
Godxiliary: 28 Seconds Later: A collaborative project documenting the month of February, 2009. archive of "filecasts" of found sound available for further remixage. Streaming transmissions of appropriated mix action featuring members of the Snuggles crew.
PR Gnus Of The World: A wonderfully creative (and overdue) project – remixing NPR.
Some Assembly Required: Archives of the only syndicated radio show ever dedicated to media collage.
Subversive Remix Video: YouTube Channel features tons of collage involving political/commercial themes.
THROUGH YOU: “Kutiman mixes Youtube” – amateur musicians assembled into virtual video-orchestras in mashup-fashion. (2009)
Wugazi: 13 Chambers: Massive mashup album blends Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi.
For More on Collage, Remix Culture, and Intellectual Property
Adbusters: Home to the magazine that ponders our mental environment and the practice of jamming.
A history of subversive remix video before YouTube: Thirty political video mashups made between World War II and 2005: Research on remix culture in the pre-digital era. (2012)
Billboard Liberation Front: Resisting the encroachment of outdoor advertising.
Copyfight: Blog of legal and regulatory news about intellectual property and innovation.
Copyright Criminals: Documentary on the art, science, and legality of sampling.
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid – Remix Culture: Lecture at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill on the “future and meaning of remix culture.” (2/8/08)
Copyright for Collage Artists: argues that fair use is no defense. Repository of information meshing fine art with pop culture.
Good Copy Bad Copy: “A documentary about the current state of copyright and culture.” (2007)
Kembrew McLeod: Home to Freedom of Expression®.
P2P Foundation – Remix Culture: Wiki-style site on what remix culture is. “To promote public understanding of the history and effects of copyright, and to encourage the development of alternatives to information monopolies.”
Rethinking the Digital Remix: Mash-ups and the Metaphysics of Sound Recording: Is remix culture really all that original? (2008)
RTMark: Parent of the Deconstructing Beck compilation, among many other culture jamming projects.
The Snuggles Online Collective: Mailing list for audio collage artists from around the world.
Tales from the Public Domain: BOUND BY LAW?: Comic from the Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain explains the dangers of intellectual property rights fundamentalism.
Teaching Copyright: An Electronic Frontier Foundation-authored K-12 curriculum guide to teaching the truth about digital rights.

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